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Monday, July 27, 2009

Imelda Marcos never had enough of shoes and so do most of women.

I am not the kind of girl who would lavishly splurge on shoes but I do buy myself some good pairs sometimes. Most of the time however, I have regrets because it always turns out that I don't use them as often as I should.

These are some of the reasons:

1. There's no occasion which would require me to wear those pair of shoes

I bought a pair of high-heeled off-white wedding shoes once to match with my off-white gown as a maid-of-honor during my brother's wedding ceremony. Too bad that I wasn't able to wear those again except once, on my graduation ceremony.

2. I don't like the style anymore

I bought a pair of trail running shoes December of last year because I attended a church youth camp which included hiking in some rocky mountains as part of the activities. It worked perfectly well. I almost fell in the river because the rocks were slippery when wet but the good thing about the shoes, the rubber spikes increased the friction. A few months later though, I don't like wearing them again, they looked so big and so rugged.

3. They're too uncomfortable

I have these favorite pairs of shoes/sandals because they look so good on me. On the down side, they hurt my toenails too badly so even if I like wearing them, I have no choice but to put them away inside their boxes.

What a waste of money, right?

Yes, that's why now, I am so careful in choosing the next couple of pairs I'll be buying. I read some shoes buying guide first. It's just like I'm stacking shoes and not using them anyway.

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