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Monday, April 20, 2009

I wish to update this blog by writing anything.
I tried doing some tags but I couldn't finish even one
What's wrong?
I couldn't find the topic to write about.

Let me just take this chance to thank God for the blessings.

Good health - I've never been hospitalized for the past 10 or 15 years. I go to doctors every now and then for examination and the medicines that they gave me where very effective. My problem areas are usually: digestion, cough, sore throat/mouth sore.

See? nothing serious, that's why I am very thankful.

Job promotion - I'm now part of the recruitment and training team of my company - although it's still a part time job, I am happy to move up the ladder. ^_^

My relationship with my boyfriend has gone stronger despite the distance. I would never recommend a long distance relationship to anyone, but because of God's help, we are able to maintain our friendship over the internet - thanks to modern technology.

It was also a blessing that he decided to go to another country for a period of time. His relationship with God matured (probably because he does not have anyone else to rely on - considering the danger of living in such a conservative country).

Gaining friends and extra income through blogging - I am not really keen on earning big time as of the moment. I don't have adsense yet and I am very choosy with my product reviews. I haven't exhausted all the possible means though I might study and eventually venture them out in the future. I haven't earned a lot yet and I am OK with that. I feel rewarded already and I am happy because I was able to meet new friendly people.

Thank you Lord, I know you cause all these things to happen.

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Badong said...

nice. i think people should realize that their existence is enough reason to thank Him.

jigs said...

nice update.

Outbound Inbound said...


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Berryblitz said...

Hey congrats on your job and your relationship. Nice updates :)

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