Fighting migraine attacks

Monday, April 6, 2009

Has it ever happened to you while you were hell-bent on doing your assignments that are due on the next day, you're almost finished, alas! felt a twitch in your head?

The pressure is increasing in intensity by the second. You try to massage the area that is aching but you're becoming frustrated because it just won't stop. Seconds tick by and then it became a full-blown headache. You didn't realize you could have a migraine for thinking so hard.

What to do now?

I wish I know what to do. I always have this scenario every now and then. Often indeed, very often especially because I experience pre-menstrual syndrome every month. Right now, I am having it! I am stressed because I need to submit many reports to my company (plus blogging tasks) before the end of this week.

As you know, I always have many deadlines and so I could never be away from my computer for a long time. Working at home, I find convenience in buying things online from Ebay, Amazon or other auction shops. I couldn't go to drugstore to buy medicine. What a relief it is to know that we can also buy medicines through the Internet. There's this site that I got across with licensed US pharmacists selling Tramandol pain relievers even without prescription at Tramadbluebook.

But hey, what's that? I know analgesic, mefenamic acid, cefalexin, etc but this is the first time I've read about such term (Tramadol). What if it's not safe to use? You know, we should not just take medicines without getting information about them. Health is wealth so we should always research and have an informed mind before trying anything.So I checked the 10 Things You Should Know About Tramadol.

I realized that this drug is effective to relieve severe pain. There were personal testimonies from users who had a better feeling after taking tramadol but I also noted that overdose of this drug can cause coma, heart attack and seizures. Well, that's a big risk but with the severe pain that I am having, do you think it's worth a try? I will call my doctor about it.

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You need a vacation!

Staci said...

Rubbing peppermint oil on your face helps some. It doesn't get rid of the migraine, but it provides somewhat of a cooling effect so it lessens it. I used to get a migraine almost every day at my old job so I went through the stuff like crazy. Don't laugh, but if you're looking for something cool to press against your head, dig around in your desk drawer for one of those cans of compressed air that you use to clean your keyboard. Shake it up and once it's cold, you can put it against your forehead.

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