Rewarding oneself with leisure

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There's that unexplainable feeling of relief when after all the hard work and struggles to meet the deadlines, you finally overcame all obstacles. I did it!

The past two weeks had been tremendously busy weeks for me. All of my work assignments piled up and my mother, sister and other people (including my mother's boss) asked me some favors as well. Thank God, that for now I have nothing to worry about anymore.

Don't you think I need to give myself a little reward? There are a couple of things I usually do to relax. I either head to the nearest beach resort or turn on my DVD player and watch films.

I wonder if there are other forms of recreation available for me to have (for a change). So I browsed into different recreation sites and there are some which caught my eye.

One is the circus theater, which is not only entertaining but exciting and exhilarating as you would have to hold your breath for more than a minute because of dangerous stunts and antics of acrobats and rope walkers.

How about buying tickets for a popular sport, like basketball or baseball perhaps?

I used to fancy being a pitcher when I was a kid and still like watching baseball games until now. It never came a reality and I come to terms that I'll have to leave playing to professionals and just remain a spectator. Thanks to the Internet, baseball fans can buy tickets online. Colorado Rookies' fans can order coor fields tickets without much hassle online. Turner fields tickets for Atlanta Braves' fans can also be bought too.

I am also considering watching live concert performances by a solo, group or orchestra performers. Shopping is also in the list, (or maybe more of window shopping?). I can also visit theaters or must I go hiking? Why not just relax at home and do some baking, cooking or drawing? Well, surely... I can do what I want now.

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Jena Isle said...

Watching DVD and listening to music would be a great de-stressor for me. Basking in the beach , of course is good too, but the sun's rays are causing carcinoma more and more, so we have to watch out for this. Good post, keep posting.

GAGAY said...

WTF is happening with EC..can't drop!

Ron Centeno said...

I usually like to just go to the gym, play basketball or tennis to relax myself.

Hi pchi! Have something for you on my site. The Neno's Award.

Here's the link:

aria said...

yes we must enjoy our life :)

Pastilan said...

" I either head to the nearest beach resort" he he he sa Samal na no? White sand beach he he he nice.

I'll be in Camiguin on saturday (up to monday) he h he beach pud ko

jam said...

Hi Pchi, hmm its too hot this season to be doing anything else than having a relaxing time at the beach on your hammock with a cold drink, shades, just enjoying the scenery or reading a book perhaps!

Cheers and enjoy your summer,

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