I don't have a little lamp

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After a long day and a night's work, I still find myself reaching for my pen, journal notebook, Bible and devotional guide. In many instances, I doze off even before I can complete my d evotional entry on my notebook. Often, my father complains that I forget to switch off the light of my bedroom the night before.

I know it's more convenient to use lamps for this purpose for easier reach (to switch the light on or off) plus their aesthetic value. They can be decorative fixtures than can enhance the look of an ordinary room.

Looking for one however by browsing the Internet, proved to be a difficult and fun experience. It's fun because there are many designs to choose from which is basically the same reason why it's difficult. There are indoor reading lamps which are suitable to my purpose but do not coincide with my taste.

Although there are lamps of various styles and decorations, I still find the traditional table lamps more appealing than the others. It's like relishing the Spanish grandeur in the old times.

I just couldn't decide which one.

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outbound inbound said...

Just wanted to pass by and say hi cute

ROSILIE said...

this is really true. Ngayon pa laging brown out hahahhah!

iceah said...

it's a good thing you still have time to read God's words before going to sleep c: ako before I do anything in the morning mas effective sakin yun c: put everything in God's hands masmagaan sa isip ko c: at puso c:

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