I got myself a virtual makeover

Monday, April 27, 2009

I've been wanting to have my hair cut short. But I might regret it because it would take so much time to grow it again.

I found a web site where I can change my hairstyle and I really enjoyed the new looks I've tried. Which do you think is most suitable for me?

If you'd like to make your own makeover yourself, visit Mary Kay's site.
Hope you enjoy it too!

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Nedekcir said...

I like the ones on the right...top and bottom images.

bingkee said...

I will definitely try this....murag lingaw kaayo sya....hahaha! You look great in all those photos , sa totoo lang.
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Thanks my dear.

Gem said...

Ahahaha. Bagay mo nga mga oldie looks. Yung mga dalawang pics sa taas, I like them on you.

Pastilan said...

we he he he bisag asa dha, gwap lng gihapon

Wallace said...

Being a guy that has a very keen eye, I would say the 1st picture, ie top left is by far the best one. You look amazing in that one, very pretty indeed.

Stacey said...

kewl!~ haha

ang saya saya naman nito

Berryblitz said...

san mo ginawa yan, ako rennnnn!!!!!

napansin ko nga nagbago mga pics mo, akala ko totoong haircut!

tikno said...

I like the image at the bottom-right. According to me, you looks beautiful with that hair-style.

PJ said...

i like the top left and the bottom right. the first one looks more innocent, the bottom one sophisticated.

Cebu Pictures said...

sus kung na akapa sa Cebu mag court na ko nimo.

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