Common grammar slips we commit when using English

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've been an English tutor for a while now and these are the usual grammar lapses I observe from my students. Sometimes, I do commit them myself when I am not careful.

Do or does

We use does when the subject (noun or pronoun) is in third person singular and do when it's first person or second person plural. Pronouns "I" and "you" use do.

For example:

She does carpentry.
Maria doesn't like pets.
I do love you.
We don't care.


The same rule in does/do applies to has/have. Has is used to refer to third person and have to refer to ourselves or persons we are talking to. If referring to animals or things, has is used with singular subjects and have to plural.


She has a nice face.
Betty has a beautiful car.
I have been living here since I was born.
You have broken my heart.
It has a colorful design.
The birds have wings.

few/little and many/much

We use few and many with count nouns. Count nouns are those which can be counted. Example of count nouns are the obvious things that have 's or es as ending.

i.e: potatoes, shoes, slippers

However, for collective or non-count nouns, we shall use little or much. Non count noun examples are: rice, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, cheese, milk, money

We only have a few oranges.
Please put just a little pepper.
I have so many friends.
I don't have much money.

Prepositions of time

at, in, on

Prepositions of place

at, in, on



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4 comment(s):

chubskulit-rose said...

very good post, keep doing it.. commit so many of those hahaha..

Cielo said...

hi sis, i love your common grammar mistakes, most of them i'm guilty of

lei said...

this is helpful. me, guilty also. :D

Anonymous said...

Nice. What about when to use "seen" or "saw"? I hear these words used incorrectly a lot.

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