A Birthday Prayer

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Birthday Prayer
by Pchi

Thank you dear Lord for another year
You have given me to live
I'd try to give you honor as much as joy
As I tread the journey I will take

Teach me to love the way you want me to
Allow me to see people's worth beyond what I can see
Don't let me trample on others feelings
Help me to be careful
Oh how I treat them, oh should be with glee

I lay down all my plans for the future on you
Help me choose a career suited for me
So I'll be happy as can be
Money is important and don't let me be greedy

Of all the things that you allowed me to be
I am so glad I have family and friends on my side
There's nothing I regret, nothing I'd change
If I would live it all over again

Well, I just actually wanted to say
I thank you for my birthday
I've been what I am because of your mercy
I hope to love you back as you to me

Thanks Lord, I love you

7 comment(s):

Miah Laborte said...

uie HAPPY BIRTHDAY PICH! May you have more Birthdays to come... God Bless you always! :) Asa ang kaon? hahahaha baga kaau noh? uie dba tga davao pud ka... nyahahahaha... joke lng bitaw uie... once again, Happy Birthday..

chubskulit said...

Woooo, masyado kang masekreto ah.. Belated happy birthday sistah, may you achieve all your goals and attain lifetime happiness. May God give you good health and pure heart!

Inculded you in my post http://www.obstaclesandglories.com/2008/08/agosto-celebrantes.html

Take care..

chubskulit said...

sowi, wrong spelling *Included* lol.. mwah!

Myk2ts said...


Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

happy birthday, pchi! wishing you more blessings and whatever your heart desires.


Pastilan said...

oi, happy b-day

Louie said...

Happy Birthday! Ate Pchi. Lots of Happiness and more brighter days to come..

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