Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

Friday, August 29, 2008

A big thank you to the person who gave me this award: Ate Iceah, a mommy blogger who writes positive and uplifting devotions every week that serves as wake up call when we feel lenient and lax with our relationship with God and our service to our friends, family, neighbors and even strangers.

Awarded: Mai Yen Suzanne Clark & Butchay's Blog MommyBa's Journey Hope This Helps You by Mec Popcorn's Thoughts Berry Blog A Tsinay Blog Berry Mumbling , Iceah of wow-legs, Pinay-chicken-heart, Pchi of Opinions in a Filipino's Perspective, Your blog where you posted this...

Now, I'd like to pass to all my blogger friends... I hope our friendship lasts and never ends.... (movie line?) LOL

2 comment(s):

iceah said...

hey, napaiyak ako sa sinabi mo ha c: nakakataba ng puso c: sa Dios ang papuri c:

pchi said...


c', totoo po... bawal po ang lies dito sa blog ko

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