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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Singing is top of the activities that my boyfriend and I enjoy. We love singing at KaraOkes. At NCCC Mall Davao, we sing our hearts out in their booths for P11 per song (roughly $0.25). He serenades me with "Beautiful Girl" and "You look wonderful tonight". We sing really old and classic songs, mostly love songs or country genre. When we get together with my college buddies, we either eat out, have coffee or sing. I also like to sing alone. HAHAHA.

I am actually a lousy singer. I do get the notes sometimes, but more often it's off the key. My brother would tease me every time I play keyboards or the guitar because I sing really bad. My boyfriend is more encouraging though! He says I just need more practice. Gee, that's why I love him, he only says good things.

Anyway friends, now I found a great site for frustrated singers like me. It's free but there are songs that are only accessible to Gold members. My friend Jane referred it to me and now I'm loving it too! It's great because it's a good stress buster, a relaxing activity and a good practice for our professional career later on (hopefully). LOL. You can record a song of your choice and show it to your friends. You can meet a lot of new people too!

Not a sponsored post, OK? Try it. You will love it... that's a guarantee. Again it's SingSnap.

I hope there is a Christian version of this site where I can sing songs by Jaci Velasquez, Bob Fitts, The Vineyard, Steve Cuban, Hillsong, Don Moen, et al.

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chubskulit-rose said...

I am a music lover too.. Me and friends used to do that when were so clogged up with our masters studies..

Hayyy kakamiss nga, di kasi yan uso sa states hehehe.. But most of the Pinoys there have their own magic Mic, so everytime there's gatherings nagkakantahan din, ganun din dito sa Korea..


Ate Rose

pchi said...

thanks ate rose for the comment

yeah, i love the Filipino spirit.

uu... pero naiinis lang ako sa mga kapitbahay

kasi kahit hatinggabi na sige pa rin ng sige

okay lang kumanta sa tamang oras at lugar

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