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Friday, August 15, 2008

Thanks ate Fe for this tag. Now it's my turn to disclose my dream destination.

I've always been fascinated by the group of islands in Batanes, in the northernmost part of the Philippines. I love everything I've heard from word-of-mouth of people who have visited this place. They say the Ivatans (local folks) are very nice people and they seem to take care of their province very well 'cause it looks very clean and pristine.

Batanes, Philippines
Source: http://www.philsite.net/batanes.htm

Outside the Philippines, I'd like to go to Switzerland. I'd like to go hiking on the Swiss Alps (if that is possible), eat their chocolates and drink fresh milk. I will also buy swiss knife. LOL

Alps, Switzerland
Source: http://www.world-tour-orion7.com/images/SwissAlps.jpg

Now tagging Ate Isah, Berry, ReanaClaire, Vida, Mommy Lei, Miah

and everyone from my blogroll who wants to grab this tag...

Please share your dream destinations too, and why...

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Babette said...

Thanks for running my EC advert. :)
We went to the Swiss alps (Jungfrao) last June and it is breathtaking. I have a post with photos about it here

pchi said...

thanks babette for advertising with my EC

i am really happy to hear that you've there... hope i can get there too!

i can't find your post.. the link has errors on it

iceah said...

hey so sorry been busy l8ly haven't collected my tag thanx dear gusto ko ito tlga gawin c: am excited already c:

pchi said...


thanks ate! ^__^

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