not my valentine blues

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am trying to craft a post
in time for the Valentines date
what it is about
I could not figure out

hold back the tears
I'm not going to tell some drama
Why do I have to strain my head
when I could not find any inspiration?

Why do I have to be romantic
when I am not feeling so?
What is it with the season
that I'm compelled to be so?

A Valentine celebration is just a tradition
Why not just ignore it?
dismiss it as if it's just any other day
love should be celebrated everyday anyway

15 comment(s):

Mike Foster said...

Yes, love should be celebrated every day...365.


MharMS said...

Happy V pchi :)

SEDONA said...

Happy valentine's day

Gem said...

Valentine's blues for me too. But at least you have your man to talk to.

I got no one today. Not even for a quick "I miss you" to tell to the man I love.

No one forces you to write a blog post if it forces you to tears. But I've crafted blog posts that's really compels readers to cry.

Nanaybelen said...

Hi Happy Valentines day!

GAGAY said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaks!iba nman tripping ni te pchi when it comes with vday..

wuie, namimiss nya..heheh! *giggles*..nangungutya lng te pchi! peace!



chubskulit said...

That's so true pchi, kami nga ordinary lang masaya na kasi magkakasama kami... Isipin mo na lang nasa tabi mo syan..

Happy Valentine's day!

joops said...

Happy valentine's day Ms. Pchi!

iceah said...

everyday indeed mare c: celebrate your love everyday with your family and friends c:

Coolbuster said...


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Nyl said...

very nice poem!

belated happy V!:)

pchi said...

@Mike Foster

yes, every hour, every minute if I may add


thanks sis!

sorry, late response


thank you

pchi said...


somehow you are right!
the distance maybe a barrier
but we still have each other
I can't fully grasp how that feels
Myself included, we are moved by the emotions of your posts


thanks nay!


uu na, cge na. hehe. miss ko na siya

pchi said...


thank you ate! *mwah*


thanks joops!


that's what I did sis, thanks

pchi said...


I already joined. thanks


thanks sis

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