Mission house makeover launched

Monday, February 16, 2009

I love home improvement TV shows and magazines.

Once, Oprah featured a makeover mission on someone's house. The result was amazing! I secretly wished there would be opportunities for our house to be fully furnished for free! It's just a dream, of course.

Well, slowly I've been trying to accentuate my parents' house with some fixtures. The look of the interiors can be greatly improved by investing on elegant and durable designer living room furnitures. I recently bought a small sofa set for our small house and it has worked wonders. Now, I am saving for quality but affordable closets and wardrobes for my mother and me.

I wish we have an entertainment center inside the house too! It would be a great place where we can watch movies, sing Videoke or simply relax while listening to the music.

I need to keep myself reminded not to be too materialistic though.

Photo credit: http://www.nycconceptfurniture.com/

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