Reproductive Health bill: Is it the answer to the ballooning population of the Philippines?

Friday, July 25, 2008

If we look at the data, most countries which have the highest birthrates are also the poorest countries while first world nations including the G8 like Germany, Japan and Italy hit the bottom of the list [data obtained from here]

It seems ironic because rich countries have more capacity to ensure that each baby born will have a food to eat, avail social and medical services, be provided with housing and good education, yet their citizens don't seem to be interested in having big families.

But poor countries like Niger and Mali ranked top spots at 49.62, and 49.38 respectively. The Philippines, at position 76 has a birth rate of 24.o7 % births per 1000 population and an average of 3.5 births per Filipino woman [source].

I believe manpower is wealth and that a baby is always a blessing. Population is crucial in determining a country's economic development. Each person is capable of contributing something to his family, to his city, or nation. If each citizen grows well, contributes even just small things towards the national stability then the country prospers.

The Philippines is a growing country, literally. Each day, babies are born [I tried to look for the statistics but couldn't find one] but the babies have no security or whatsoever of the world they will face.

I have nothing against bearing children. I, for one wants to have mine too [in the future when I am ready]. The population increases as the inflation skyrockets, and it is getting more difficult to provide for ourselves and our families.

I have written a post previously entitled "Pilipino, anong magagawa mo para sa bayan mo?" [translation: Filipino, what can you do to help your country?] and I have pointed out that planning our families is very important.
  • Firstly, we need to assure ourselves that we are capable of doing these:
    • provide our families with the basic human needs like food, shelter and clothing
    • to help our children develop their maximum potential, we have to let them grow socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
    • allocate them sufficient time to feel loved, appreciated and whole
    • as an investment to their future, we need to educate them
  • Consecutive pregnancies creates higher risks for the mother. The womb takes at least two years to heal and prepare itself again to support a new life
  • I know there are other more reasons but maybe I don't know yet. If you can give inputs, that would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know what the provisions are in the Reproductive Health Bill so I cannot make a position on the issue. However, this is where I stand:
  • I am not in favor of abortion. Life starts from the time the sperm joins to fertilize the egg, and we need to protect that delicate and innocent life. The unborn fetus has a right too, and we need to uphold it . I can imagine the fetus telling his/her mother who's contemplating abortion: "A LACK OF PLANNING ON YOUR PART DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN EMERGENCY ON MY PART". Some people might contend, "what if the life of the mother is at risk?" Well, I don't know that sure is a dilemma.
  • I am amenable to contraceptives and other methods other than the natural ones endorsed by the Catholic church. You can't kill a baby that hasn't been formed yet. If ever, I will submit myself to whatever choice is viable and not disadvantageous to my health. I think in the future, we will have more options.
  • I discourage teenagers from engaging in premarital sex [well at least the "all the way"] and although the society has been more permissive about it, please hear out my reasons.
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Maphie said...

Instead of the RH Bill why don't Noynoy's administration think of ways how to make a woman infertile?

Perhaps she could bore 1-2 children but certainly not beyond three. Come on! use SCIENCE!

Trash RH BILL. I think my idea is "less" evil ;))

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