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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ironically I have posted the importance of sleeping especially before midnight when I couldn't possibly do that, not unless I decided to have a day off on my part time work as an ESL teacher to Japanese people. My working shift usually end at midnight.

These days, I've been busy blog hopping and making friends with people around the world, linking them up in my blogroll, leaving a message on their shout boxes, dropping my entrecard (EC) on the sites I visited, or if I was interested enough, put a comment on their posts. Well, in the few weeks that I've been doing this, I started last June 20, I have been sleeping really early... early in the morning, that is!


It isn't really my intention to make money out of blogging. I'm in love with writing, and if you are happy with what you are doing, you do that even without compensation. I was the editor of the high school student paper in high school and am a frustrated journalist. I got smitten by numbers, so I exchanged my love of writing to programming. Those years I spent studying abstract things, harnessed my logical reasoning abilities, were the years I haven't really written. What I did for that period was compute, master calculus, discrete math and all those things I need to learn how the computer operates functionally. And now I am redeeming the time I have lost and trying to learn again my way into words. The Internet provided a very convenient venue to express my thoughts and opinions.

I am very happy to my fellow bloggers who are making money with their blogs. I don't know if I will change my mind in the future, but I am quite contented with my blog as it is. My goal is to provide as much insight and information I can give in the best of my ability to make the world a better place (haha, lol).


I am sorry for being an idealist here, but I am kind of upset with the procedure (not the people of course). We exchange links with people because it can improve our traffic, and yes, I did that too! (GUILTY) But I have observed we make friends because we can benefit from them. It's not bad I think. This is very similar to how we do business in the real world anyway, so I shouldn't be surprised. But well at least, I'd like to offer sincere friendship. If you aren't really interested in reading my thoughts, then why do we have to exchange links. I'll keep my friends to a minimum now, so I can still manage to visit them once in a while in my busy schedule and really read and understand what they are saying.

If you would like to have genuine friendship, let's exchange links. If not, well never mind. I am quite happy with just few friends anyway. And there's always a bigger real world if I fail here in the virtual community.

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Me, the islands and the world said...

That was how I intially felt about exchanging links but over a period of time, I learned to adjust from it. Kaya, I periodically delete the links who don't contact me for a period of time:) btw, added you to my links na.

faye said...

nice blog....hope im included to the links that you always visited for your limited time. THANKSSSSSSS

pchi said...

thanks me and the the islands of the world,

yeah, now I've learned to adjust too!
that's just the way it is...

it's better to look at it from the brighter side point of view

thanks ate faye,

hehe... let's see each other around

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I am enjoying blogging too, just to meet people, learn more and see what others are saying. I like blogs that aren't all cluttered with ads. The best part of blogging is making friends and enjoying writing. I still am amazed anyone cares to read what I write.

pchi said...


thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is really appreciated...

yeah, me too, sometimes I hate it when all I see in a website are advertisements and no decent content

but anyway, now i am actually thinking of earning money from blogging too ^___^

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