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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The weight of words...

there are words that bring healing and words that lead to destruction. There are statements that build others up but there are words that can bind a person into the prison of emotional torment, because words penetrate into our inmost being!

when we utter or receive unkind words, "they pierce like a sword", leaving scars behind.

but see the contrast when we use words the other way around! It can lift others up, encourage and cure their broken hearts and lighten their burdens!

words are good but they mean nothing if we don't do, or mean what we say

words are good only if we mean them, if we're telling the truth or intend to fulfill the commitments we've made through our words

otherwise, we're manipulating people... flattering them and using them for our benefit

let's be sincere with our words, and let our actions be an evidence for our sincerity

Now that life becomes tougher for everyone, let's encourage, not tear people down... let's build bridges... not walls

"Raised voices lower self-esteem, hot tempers cool friendships, loose tongues stretch truth, swelled heads shrink influence, sharp words dull respect."
William Arthur Ward

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iceah said...

this is a good post Pchi c: our tongue is dangerous talaga dapat we would learn to tame it with God's help c:

have a tag for you to answer

Gem said...

ang bigat! but true.

minsan merong magsasabi na ok ka just to make you feel better. in truth hindi totoo.

merong iba pranka. masakit! pero totoo.

and as you've said too, there are also manipulative words.

the one's i like best are those who can choose the right words to tell to a person - sincere compliment, o kaya being tact without hurting someone :-)

ckulit said...

Naks naman sisterette, saludo talaga ako sa mga opinions mo.

We have to be very careful when we open our mouth to talk, we need to wiegh its impact to ourselves and especially to other people.

Got an award for your other blog.. check mo na lang when you have free time.. mwah!

pchi said...


thanks ate for saying that...

they say nga "a ship is run by a little rudder"

and a person can go wrong by using his tongue unwisely

pchi said...


that's a great addition!

but it's so difficult to do the "ideal"

to be tact without hurting someone is difficult in a sense that it's how people receive it eh

maybe, it's enough that you don't mean any offense

pchi said...

@ate rose

naks, tumataba na ang puso ko sa'yo ate rose ha

thanks for the awards ate... greatly appreciated...

mwah. mwah

Pastilan said...

For some people breaking their words is second nature. And there are some who do not know that their words have killed someone (not literally).

pchi said...


I think that's right
people consciously and unconsciously give their promises only to break them

yeah, if words could kill!

Our Love Story said...

the problem is... we can never take back the words once we said them... so, might as well be careful with the words we say to others... i once read that if you have nothing good to say about your neighbor, better not to say anything at all... hehehe!

nice site here! keep it up, girl!

mothercares said...

Takot ako sa taong may mahahaba ang dila

Have a nice day pchi

pchi said...

@our love story

that's true, we could never take away what we have already said

your addition is great...

deeply appreciated

thank you :-)

pchi said...

@nanay belen

ako din, takot sa kanila

teka, anong ibig sabihin ng mahaba ang dila?


well in the grand scheme of life, words are all we have ;)

pchi said...


maybe you're right,

and who knows we might get rich with it!

sounds like the song... "words are all I have, to take your heart away"

pero words should always be accompanied with actions

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Tigis said...

I like this post my friend. Several months back I made similar post, try to question which one is more preffered. Truth hurts or sweet lie. Sometimes people can't take the truth because it's so hurting. And they much preffered the sweetest thing of lies. Even they know that it's a lie the don't care. The perspective of this discourse can go further reaching on (for example) the dominations of physical appearance which is now really becoming a "God". Women like to have fake face only to look much more beautiful. And so on :mrgeen:

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