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Sunday, September 21, 2008

--- this is a cross post with my other blog...

Hi everyone... I am so happy that you found time to visit me here. I am sorry, I need to be away from blogging for about a week or so, I have a major programming stuff to do, and I think I need to shift my focus on that as of now.

Well, you might say, "hey, just manage your time between both". Let's just say, that I am a little addicted to blogging and it's a temptation I can't resist.

However, programming needs total attention, I need to solve a problem, design an algorithm or method on how to do it, and develop it according to its design. If I keep shifting my focus between my two loves, I might not be able to accomplish the more important one. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry.

So guys, I would love to check you out again, when I am through with all my priorities. I promise, when I get back I will write about these things:

  1. Implications of the dwindling US economy to the world
  2. Dealing with racism, discrimination and prejudice
  3. Cyber slacking - why people get fired because of it
  4. Why I want to be a LAWYER
  5. Haven't you thought how life is in a prostitute's perspective?
  6. Cheating and marital infidelity
I will also review these for my cyber explorations blog:

  1. Joomla/Drupal
  2. ViewMyPC
  3. A live video streaming website
I hope you come again soon! I will miss you guys, see you then :-) Mata ne!

11 comment(s):

ckulit said...

wow, i love the new look of your page peachy... sige lang take your time, blogging is just here.. thanks for adding me in social spark... Ingat lagi!

iceah said...

wow, ako addict din and wow, daming topic yan a! Pchi greet mo c pasti sa wow legs bday nya c:sna bago ka mgday off hehehe magreet mo sya c:

gem said...

hi tita!

no problem with me. malamang ganyan din mangyayari sa akin. blogging is actually a side part, but right now upgrading din ako ng skills, so i rely on blogging muna =)

faye said...

hi peach take ur happy time in other side of computer..
lol..waiting for ur next issue--# 6.

Nyl said...

Just keep going Pchi..i like your new template.:)

Berryblitz said...

sige langggggg mareeeee.....

ako ren bc eh, sa work and sa baby
and may lbm ako!!!


Haven't you thought how life is in a prostitute's perspective?

i sure will be waiting for this.
keep us posted for your updates. :)

PS. new layout? brown is cool.

Tiffiney said...

some interesting topics..can't wait to read your post! Lurk another day! Have a great week off the computer! :)

pchi said...

thanks for your kind consideration friends!

i am almost burned out :-)


iceah said...

at ipagsabi pala na may LBM ka ha! hehehe :p

Berryblitz said...

magaling na lbm ko!!!

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