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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Isn't is amazing how clever kids are today? They readily adapt to the technology, they absorb most our conversations, albeit unknowingly on our part and they learn fast.

My nephew, Ken, just turned four but he knows better how to use the PC than my parents. He knows how to turn it on by himself, he knows how to open his favorite game, and he likes to look at his face using the web camera. He also knows how to send a text message and call somebody using a cellphone although he doesn't know how to read yet. Wow, isn't it amazing?

I think our Ken isn't alone. Most of kids his age today are equally wonderful.

Maybe it's because they don't have any prior orientation or any form of biases, or because they seem to be so eager to experience everything around them, or maybe because they're so receptive and open with new ideas.

Ken comes to my parents house twice a week and he never fails to make us laugh with his innocent humor.

Last Sunday, I cooked my own version of pancake and told him we're going to make some magic. Now, that made him interested so I showed him how to do it. I had him do the stirring and the mixing and he enjoyed it very much.

He couldn't wait to eat his slice but it has always been a family tradition that we pray before meals. Some people do it afterwards but we pray before partaking. He has quite observed this for a long time and we know he knows how to do it now. So, we asked him to say grace...

"Tita oi, dili man ko kabalo magpray... ako na lang piyong para sa imo" (Tita, I don't know how to pray, I will close my eyes for you)

I know it isn't that funny but the timing was so perfect and he sounded so innocent, we all bursted out laughing.

Later that day, I found him sipping a glass of soft drink insatiably. He has been consuming much junk food. He likes chippy and all these products in the market with no nutritional value at all. It would have been better if he's eating well during his meals but no. He's picky and has appetite for the wrong kinds of food.

Rather concerned, I casually told him.

Me: "you know Ken, you shouldn't drink much soft drink."
Ken: Why?
Me: "one day, it will hurt you a lot when you pee. Soft drink will cause you to pee painfully. Do you want that to happen to you?"
Ken: No, but papa drinks too. Papa didn't get sick.
Me: Well, papa is a big man. Papa has a bigger immune system. Since Ken is not big yet, Ken's immune system is also not as big. Papa eats vegetables and drinks milk but Ken doesn't. Vegetables and milk make your body stronger to fight sickness. So Ken will get sick faster than papa.
Ken: OK... (hands his glass of soft drink to his father)

Here is Ken's picture... and with me

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iceah said...

ahhh... c: nice little tita c: close din ako sa mga pamangkin ko c:

kids are amazing nga lalo na this generation kids c: they learn easy even Josh whos just 3 started using the computer na din c:

Gem said...

Ang bait ni Tita! Ang lambing! Pwede ba ako maging pamangkin mo? Gusto ko matikman ang pancakes mo!


My baby has picky appetite too. But at that young age up to now, sumusumod pa sila. Good explanation done on that softdrink thing.

I'm proud to say my baby learned the computer when she was two! Amazing nga sila diba?

Pastilan said...

Cute yung bata at pretty yung Tita he he he

Tigis said...

Yeah, I agree with you. If i look at the children now sometimes I feel like a stupid guy. The know computers before even going to school while I just knew how to use ms excel during my time in the university :mrgreen:
btw, is Tita your name? it's such a beautiful name. I'm surprised that you have that name also in Phillipines. I thought it's only here in Indonesia we have that kind of name :mrgreen:

Gem said...

Sorry! I could not help but smile but "tita" is actually a Filipino word for "aunt"! I'd agree that it can be a beautiful name too!

pchi said...


wow, it's great that josh is also learning well,

kids this days are really superb

pchi said...


ngek! sure I'll make you pancakes when we see each other, hehe

pchi said...


naks naman... thanks for the compliment

pchi said...


thanks for coming here again...

Gem is right, "tita" is just a form of calling aunt here in the Philippines.

I prefer that as to the "aunt" 'cause I'm still so young

ckulit said...

^_^giggles^_^ katuwa naman yung ??? about tita hehehe... I love your nephew's humor, good thing "tita" is always there to teach him what's right and wrong..

Ingat lagi peachy!

pchi said...

@ate rose

yes natawa din ako... malay naman din ng tao di ba? hehe

yeah, we have to tell him early on... otherwise pag kinalakihan na nya.. mahirap na ichange

Tigis said...

@gem :
oh I see :) In Indonesia Tita is the name of a girl. The same goes with Tati, Tuti, Tetty, and Titi. All are girl's name :) Thx for the info. Learn a little bit about your language :)

@pchi :
yup I agree. Tita sounds a lot more younger that aunt obviously :mrgreen:

Hendrawan said...

aha.. I found Pinoy mom again!

pchi said...


now, we know why you asked... we also didn't know that

thanks again

pchi said...


I would be, not not as of now...

I am not yet a mom.. and not so soon

iceah said...

katuwa mga dayuhan ssshhh... let's just use that term ha maybe we sound strange to them too c: katuwa mga reaction ng bawat tao no c:

hay nako tita! to other gnagamit din yan sa gay lingo di ba tita?! hehehe c:

pchi said...


uu nga, may mga peculiarities talaga with each culture

but we're glad we can be friends with them

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