Math is neither easy nor difficult, isn't it?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Many people say Math is difficult yet many others say it is easy.

There's no point in arguing on whether Math is easy or difficult. While it may be true that some people are naturally good at it (like many geniuses that we know), for ordinary people like us, Mathematical ability, like language skill, is acquired with constant practice.

Some of the reasons why students struggle with their math courses especially Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 in high school and college (which most students have to take anyway) are:

  • attitude or mentality - Math is what one thinks it is. If one thinks it's hard to understand, it really is.
  • teachers - they are either too intelligent to understand student's difficulty in the subject or know too little to explain/simplify it
  • not doing homework/practice exercises - one becomes skillful at doing something by constantly practicing so if one does not do any exercises, it's hard to master Mathematics
  • refusing to seek help/get a tutor who can supplement and explain what are learned at school.
So, it's really neither easy nor difficult. Some people just have to work harder than others to master it. That's exactly what I did in college - constant practice and asking help from tutors who can explain difficult problems.

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