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Saturday, October 10, 2009

No matter how beautiful the pictures, how descriptive the words, how vivid the imagery, there's nothing more satisfying than experiencing it yourself using all your senses.

See it. Smell it. Taste it. Touch it. Hear it.

Traveling allows one to embrace the culture, to get mesmerized by the surroundings, captured by the enthralling beauty of scenic spots, enjoy how local people live.

I was there in Thailand for a week and I want to visit more places, even places in my own country. I'll do this while I'm still free and unattached because when I get married, I'll probably have more important priorities.

Anyway, here are my pictures of my recent trip to Bangkok.

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chubskulit said...

Wow sis, have enjoyed browsing your vacation overload sa Bangkok, sayang sinama mo sana ako hehehe..

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cebu image said...

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ruthi said...

Hey there... hahahaha, sorry eto pala... pasensya kanina pa ako nagtataka kung bakit di ako makapagpost ng comment... tatanga-tanga lang pala ako... napaghahalataang matagal ng di nagboblogging.

Anyway, Yes, I agree with you, there is nothing more satisfying than experiencing it. I love Bangkok, it was the most memorable trip I had back then. I was able to write an entire book about my "amazing experience"... unpublished nga lang, hinihintay ko pa ang funds. lol. I went there with friends.

You are right, you better travel now while you are single because when you get married your priorities will change. So if money is not an issue... go for it. There are more places to visit so pack your bags.

Anonymous said...

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Gem said...

Pchi, start ka ng travel blog in addition to this one. It'll help a lot. I will start a travel blog soon.

survivor mom said...

Hi Pchi nasa Bangkok ka pala. sige enjoy mo lang...God Bless

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