Getting rid of worries about security over the Internet

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't you get paranoid with the constant threat of viruses, malwares, spywares, trojans, phishing and other unknown malicious codes in your computer?

I am. I do banking transactions online, use Ebay and Paypal and I store most of my important documents and pictures in my email. What if somebody gets access to my PayPal or bank accounts and withdraws my money or use my account in Ebay to do to any kind of fraud of deception? What about theft identity? I could go on and the list would be endless. This is the real world and there are just people who want to inflict harm to others.

To solve my dilemma, I decided to invest in a good quality anti-virus and internet security software system.

I think it is also important for parents to have parental control over what kinds of sites their children can browse or visit. It's also useful if the anti-spyware software can block phishing sites. I haven't decided which anti-virus to use but I think Zsecurity is a good option. The customer support is excellent and many users have proven that the product is indeed effective.

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