Happy fathers' day

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Fatherhood is difficult but very rewarding", one of my students told me earlier today.

We can take that statement figuratively and literally.

I think being a father is rewarding because he can see himself in his kid's physical appearance as well as attitude, disposition or behavior. If he has been a good role model, expect his child to be a good person like his dad. There's an overly used cliche that goes, "like father, like son/daughter."

I am sure a good child gives his/her father fulfillment and pure joy. Let's not forget that a naughty child brings so much fun too! (chuckle)

We can also take his statement literally as in there are great rewards in being a father. A child's hug and kiss, a drawing, card, any present no matter how simple and inexpensive will always brighten a father's day.

As we get older and financially independent, we become more capable of giving more expensive gifts - and special as our fathers are, why don't we give them gifts that they'll truly love?

It's not that a present is really required. A present is not a gift unless it is cheerfully given. But if we have the capacity to buy stuffs for our dads as our way of appreciation for the many years they've toiled to help us get through school until university, why not buy toys for big boys?

My father loves bicycles. Unfortunately, he lost his sense of hearing after he got into a vehicular accident while he was riding one and was side-swept by a speeding jeepney. He still rides on his road bicycle until this day though.

When I was young, I have very fond memories of my father teaching me biking. My father bought my older brother a kiddie bike that I still got to use.

Well, I wondered if I can afford to buy him a new one. I checked a buying guide for bicycles and I realized I don't have enough resources this time. Hopefully, I can save more money next year!

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Goryo said...

Happy Fathers Day!!! =)

Boris said...

Father's are good teachers when it comes to being brave and independent.

I'm not ready to be a father but having a child does seem rewarding.

If you opt to buy a bicycle, you should ask your guy friends about it. Don't expect it to be cheap XD

iceah said...

Pareho tayo my dad bought me a bike too c: bawal na nga lang sya ngayon magbike :c

thanx for the prayers pala josh got home na kahapon c: than you Lord c:

iceah said...

balik ulit :p I need you to read this sinulat ni Pasti galit talaga sya :p


Bryan Inno said...

te pach..

pupdate po ng link ko sa blog..

bale from the old http://innovate.blogsome.com

to the new

salamat mxado :)

streetsmart said...

awww, this post made me think of my dad. he always brings out the best in me. i remember my father was also the one who taught me how to ride a bicycle. :)

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