Bouncing Back

Saturday, June 20, 2009

This blog will be celebrating its first blogversary tomorrow.

I decided to move from to Blogger after many inconveniences I experienced in the former.

On June 21, 2008, I wrote my first journal entry in this blog entitled "Ironic, isn't it?". And since then, this blog has been my freedom wall where I wrote everything I wanted to; like Philippine politics, environmental issues, random musings, poems, my love story, among other topics.

In the span of one year, I was also able to make friends with six hundred people or more - I just lost count. The whole experience has been truly wonderful.

But as I look back, I was really eager in the beginning but after a while, or just recently... I started to lose interest. I wrote less often, I haven't responded to some exchange link requests, haven't checked friends' blog and would not remember checking my blog myself. HAHA.

I'm supposed to have a celebration here, right?

But I don't have the festive mood. So I am just going to let it pass through like any ordinary day.

However, I've been really thinking of bouncing back and getting serious. I'd like to make more friends, write more posts, rekindle old friendships (which I have taken for granted) and hope to learn more things related to blogging, SEO, online marketing and how to make some more little profit.

I hope you are still there to support me in my journey. So help me God. :D

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Pastilan said...

We're always here Pchi.

What makes blogging really beautiful are the friends that you make in the blogosphere. Though you do not always get to meet them personally, you are satisfied with the knowledge that they are always there even if there are times when they fail to show up in your blog for a long time. Like you, i have made hundreds of friends in the blogosphere but out of those hundreds, there is a small circle of really special friends. You belong in that circle :)

Happy blogoversary, and many many more blogging years to come :)

Feron said...

Hello Pchi for your 1st Blogoversary!!! I hope you'll be around for many more years and continue to keep in touch with your friends with God's Will. More Power!

kikamz said...

Oist! So you turned one na din! COngrats dear on your blogoversary. Belated ha? BTW, paki update ng aking link. I moved na din to so see you there! hugs!

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