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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How long have I been away?

It must have been more than a month. I haven't really counted. I haven't written anything in these blog because I have been up to something.

A few months ago, I shared in this blog that my sisters and their families were coming over so we planned on reconstructing/renovating the house to accommodate more people.

We started the house reconstruction last February 1 and it ended last March 19. I had been busy with it for the whole duration.

On March 17, my boyfriend's mother had a heart attack and had been confined in the hospital until April 5 when she finally succumbed to death at 61.

My boyfriend wanted to come home for his mother's funeral so the wake was extended and lasted two weeks. However, the company did not allow him to. So even when h wasn't able to come home, last Saturday his mother was laid on her rest.

As you see, my hands had been full for the past months. But here I am again. Ready to bare it all once more time.

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