Men and their emotions, why are we so intrigued?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

We've always been intrigued about how the other sex operates emotionally.

Search it up in google and you will find many entries that have been written to explain how the "other sex" is wired so differently especially in expressing emotions.

In my case, since I am a woman I am puzzled by how men behave when I expect them to behave in a different way, the way I would have wanted them to!


Anyway, I am assuming that you know what emotions mean so I don't have to define it here.


During my college days, I was almost among the male pack. I was one of the boys. So I spent a great deal of my time with them, eating at the canteen, chatting inside the library, reviewing for the examinations and on occasional night-outs when we have to beat the deadline for a programming assignment, and later on dating a friend. Indeed, my life in college would have been more difficult than it was if not for my good male friends who have helped me in so many ways (this is like a tribute, so if you guys are reading... my sincere appreciation to you and your friendship).

However, even though I have been so close to them, there are some experiences that we cannot share together. There are certain areas in life that are intangible. There are just some issues when interacting with each other that men and women have a difficulty reconciling. One is how we express emotions.


Of course in ordinary friendships men and women don't necessarily need to express deep emotions. We support each other, give a pat on the back, a hug or say some comforting words when the other is feeling down. I think men are able to do that in a general sense. I believe men are capable of expressing sympathy and in sharing both our joys, griefs, excitement, sadness and all kinds of emotions there is. But, the conflict comes in a more personal relationship between men and women, as in case of marriage and courtship.

In marriage and courtship, men are expected to show their emotions almost all the time. Women crave for intimacy. In my own words, women want to be one with the person they love, to share everything. So women usually talk to share her feelings. However, men don't usually operate that way. The outlet of their feelings is not through talking, but in doing some activity!


Are men really ought not to cry?

How are men suppose to let out their bad feelings, anyways? If they had just got fired from work, lost a loved one in a tragedy, broke up with their partners, or just feeling blue, are they just gonna repress it and gulp it with alcohol? Or run amok in the streets, fight anybody who crosses his path, hostage somebody or God forbid, commit suicide?


I'll continue this post next time, I am so sleepy already.

4 comment(s):

Me, the islands and the world said...

Hi you i had male friends in college and I was more comfortable hanging out with them sometimes than with my girl friends. nevertheless, you are are from Mars, women are from Venus. But that's what make things interesting, hindi ba?:)

pchi said...

yeah... I agree

'cause if we are very similar it would have been boring...

mysteries are there for a reason....

thanks for the comment (Me, the islands and the world)

RJ said...

You said, "How are men suppose to let out their bad feelings, anyways?"

Well, I write and write and write. If my tear is flooding, I let it drop.

I'll watch out for the continuation of this entry.

pchi said...


Oh, that's good for you.
I think men deal with emotions in so many ways: case to case basis

I'll watch out for the continuation of this entry.

I hope I can. or maybe you can write your own, so i'll know how

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