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Friday, November 6, 2009

I've been sporting the same hairstyle for more than five years - long, straight hair. I've been wanting to change the way I look but my hairstylist refuses to make any drastic changes on my hair. My boyfriend also doesn't want me to cut my hair until our wedding day.


I saw this picture over the internet and I wanted to have this style, too. I went to my favorite hair cutter to have it executed on me but he refused to!

Sob again. Here's the picture:

I tried doing a virtual makeover on my face courtesy of some website and this is what I've got:

Doesn't it look flattering on me? What do you think? Should I get a bangs or not?

Photo Credit: here and here

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ruthi said...

I think it's amazing. A change of hairstyle can have a great impact on a person. It could chance a lot too not only the looks. I did that drastic change a month ago and I felt so much better now. I did not only gain my self-confidence back but I make me feel happy about myself. Seriously, I felt so bad and had such a low self-esteem before I had the haircut. I don't even look at the mirror because I didn't like what I see. I never realized that I only need a haircut and everything turned upside down. Glad I didn't listen to my hubby. I WAS MY HAIR ANYWAY.

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