Excited to go to Thailand

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thirty-one days more to go and I'm off to visit the exotic city of Krung Thep, popularly known as Bangkok.

I've always been interested in Thailand. It is the only country in southeast Asia that had not been colonized by any western country, where a mixture of cultural and traditional influences of its neighboring countries and its own abound and are preserved, but also embraced the modernization of our global world.

Thailand is the country where we can find the most devout Buddhists and their temples. Elephants are both a tourist attraction and a means of transportation. We also hear of their tuk-tuks (three-wheeled taxi for short distances) and bargain centers for shopping.

I grabbed a local airline promo last May and was able to get round-trip tickets for flights this September. I paid $96 all-in, including the basic fare, taxes and airport fees. However, I didn't know then that September is the rainiest month of the year in Bangkok and this city has the worst traffic jam and pollution in the world (according to travel guides I've read when I tried to search the internet on what to expect when in Bangkok).

But hey, I am still excited. I am going to visit my sister there. I hope God gives me a favor by granting me a safe and enjoyable trip.

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iceah said...

wow! aalis ka pla c: enjoy and am praying for a safe trip din c:

gLoR!e said...

thats true that the traffic is worst than pinas..but you will enjoy walking because there are so many nice stuff you can see and buy!:)

Pastilan said...

$96 lng? uy very good deal yun ah

Berryblitz said...

ingat and nice one :)

by the way, sino kasama mo?

Cidy said...

what a good deal...Never been there. Hopefully I can get affordable tickets. Are you going alone or with friends?

pchi said...


thanks sis

what you said made me more excited

yep. 4k+ back and forth

pchi said...


I'll be traveling alone but my sister lives there


yes, there are promos. please subscribe so you get updates

Jasmine said...

Have a safe trip PCHI.

I found your blog via Entrecard and I am now blog-hopping.

The last time I visited BKK was 1997. It was worst than Manila that time. As in!

But last year when I visited BKK again, you wou;dn't believe talaga the improvement. Napag-iwanan na tayo. tsktsktsk..

Anyway, enjoy your travel there. I'll pray for your safe and enjoyable trip. Also, for less or no rains :)

Jasmine (blog-hopper :p)

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