Friday night fever - what a relief!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's Friday finally. I am so happy!

Don't get me wrong. I like my new day job. I am not complaining. My new officemates are very warm and friendly and they received me quite nicely. I am taunted as the girl who always finishes lunch last. I am sorry but I could not eat my meal in five minutes. I have to chew the food properly or else I will have a problem ridding them out after a few days.

My new job occupies my time during the day. I wake up at 6 and report to the office by 7:45. You know the usual office hours so I come back home at around 5:30. In between during the lunch break, I hope to have a nap but I can't; so I visit some of my friends' blogs. I try to cook if I still have the energy when I get home. I also try to sleep for an hour before I proceed to my part-time job as English tutor at night at 7, which usually ends at around 12:30. Hopefully, due to exhaustion I am already asleep by 1:00 so I can wake up on time the next day as the cycle repeats.

It's Friday (actually it is already Saturday) so it means I don't have to wake up early tomorrow morning. I will have the leisure of relaxing and doing what I wish to do. Hopefully, I can catch up with blogging 'cause I haven't been able to drop ECs and respond to comments and link exchanges for the past week. You might have thought I'm a snob because I haven't visited you back.

My former college professor and thesis adviser sent me a personal message through Yahoo Messenger asking me whether I was interested in working with him as a home-based programmer. For a moment I wished I could but I couldn't. My schedule is full now and I am already burning my candle at both ends! Surprised, he quipped I'll get rich young. HAHA. I am not dreaming of becoming rich; but I know that as of now I have to try the real world - beyond what I am comfortable with; a working environment with a boss to please, clients to conform and colleagues to interact with - even for a while. Then I will see which is more suitable for me and my future career plans.

So help me God.

Did I make sense? I'm too sleepy.

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Pastilan said...

but for sure you won't leave blogging :)


HI! if you dont'd mind, please visit my blog!

pchi said...


maybe... hope so. pero baka not as active as I used to when I still didn't have a day job



Joops said...

Hey Sleepy....Just droppin' by and seeing how you are doing? Sorry to hear that you are so busy. Staying busy can actually be good for you but don't forget to take some time for yourself. Look around every once in awhile and check out all the beauty that God has provided. It's really nice getting to know you. Nice blog. take care and may God bless you always.

pchi said...


thanks for the reminder and encouragement

I am OK, thank God. He's taking good care of me and so far I am not yet stressed or sick.

Bless Him

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