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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Faced with inflation, job recession, and other stresses in our modern lives, we need to be creative to find ways to stay afloat sane during these times. We deal with personal problems daily, as well as handle difficulties with our relationships with people, be it with our family members, partners, friends, co-workers, or even strangers. In a dog-eat-dog world, it really is a busy and stressful life.

So, is happiness elusive? I don't think so. If we know how to balance our priorities, invest our time on the things that matter most, I think we will find fulfillment and at least a little happiness that we are looking for. Sometimes, we don't have to look far, because being happy depends on our behavior, our way of life, our lifestyle and way of thinking. Nevertheless, an article from Reader's Digest gives 20 tips on how we can be and how to stay happy.

Here they come

1. Practice mindfulness.
2. Laugh out loud.
3. Go to sleep.
4. Hum along.
5. Declutter.
6. Just say no.
7. Make a list.
8. Do one thing at a time.
9. Garden.
10. Tune out the news.
11. Take a dog for a walk.
12. Scent the air.
13. Ignore the stock market.
14. Visit a quiet place.
15. Volunteer.
16. Spend time alone.
17. Walk mindfully.
18. Give priority to close relationships.
19. Take care of the soul.
20. Count your blessings.

Source Reader's Digest. Read the whole article from here or cut and paste this site to your URL.

7 comment(s):

dmeemai said...


The list of 20 seem simple enough and do-able BUT at times it's easier said than done... LIFE is STRESSFUL! :-)

we try. we keep trying...

Fernando C. Zamora said...

this time, we really need to maintain our sanity - maintain mental presence and do what happy people do today - blogging. LOL.

pchi said...


thanks. but... no they are not my tips... actually i got them from reader digest



hahaha... LOL

lei said...

number 1 pa lang nai-stress na ko. haha. joke!

pchi said...

@mommy lei

ahahaha,ikaw talaga

thanks po for taking time to comment

hector_olympus said...

hi, you should try sending articles for

your writings can make the difference.

pchi said...

thank you hector!

i will try if i have time

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